Model T-2BWT-10-72H-FT4

  • ITEM:  45072-33
  • Category: Tensioners


The Wagner-Smith Equipment Co. Model T-2BWT-10-72H-FT4 is a hydrostatic bullwheel tensioner used for stringing one or two conductors simultaneously. Each bullwheel set is independently mounted to the trailer frame with independent hydraulic controls. The purpose of the bullwheel is to remove the tension load off the reel of conductor and place it on the bullwheel modules. Bullwheel Tensioners are used on both distribution and transmission projects.

The WSE Model T-2BWT-10-72H-FT4 tensions cable or conductor that may be bent around a 72” diameter or 36” radius wheel. The unit is capable of continuous line tension of 10,000 pounds at 4mph. The bullwheels provide tension to the line through the use of hydraulic motors. The tension is controlled by adjusting the hydraulic pressure in the system with an adjustable relief valve. The bullwheels can also be driven by the operator for pay-in or pay-out operations when not actively tension during a pull.  This unit features a Tier 4 Final engine and a digital display that provides the operator with the real-time line tension and pull speed.  

 Standard Features:

· Engine                               74 hp Final Tier IV John Deere water cooled Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

· Lighting                             DOT Regulation (LED)

· Electrical Plug                     6-way pin

· Fuel Type                           Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

· Fuel Capacity                      19 gallons

· Hyd. Reservoir                    120 Gallons

· Heat Exchanger                  Hydraulically Driven Fans

· Steel Bullwheel                   Precision Machined

· Engraved Control Panel       Aluminum w/ Blue Power Coat

· Tie Downs                         3½” ID Ears

· Front Hitch                        Adjustable 3” Lunette eye

· Front Jack                         Manual Crank type

· Rear Jacks                        Hydraulic Powered

· Tires                                215/75R17.5 LR "H"

· Axles(s)                           Tandem 15,000 lbs. each

· Suspension                      Slipper Leaf spring

· Brakes                             ABS Air Brake System

· Grounding Lugs                Mounted front and rear

· Wheel Chocks                  2 each with support brackets

· Safety Chain w/ Hooks