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Finally, a stringing block for line angles!  Improve safety, save time - on EVERY angle structure, EVERY time.  

The patented Angle Dolly is a new safety and labor-saving innovation for pulling through the line angles. It eliminates having to install small stringing or skookum blocks for the pulling rope, hard line or OHGW/OPGW and then stopping the pull to change them out to conductor stringing blocks.  Traditional blocks need to be physically fixed in a single angular position and watched during the entire wire stringing process to make sure the rope, hard line or conductor does not jump out of the wheel and get hung up on the dolly frame. 

The Angle Dolly's rollers prevent such issues.  The rollers are utilized almost exclusively when the lighter pilot rope, hard line or OHGW/OPGW is being pulled.  Because the Angle Dolly is free to swing, when the conductor gets to the angle, it sits down in the groove once the pull gets going while the rollers provide protection against instances when the conductor temporarily jumps out of the groove.