• ITEM:  42340-11


Compact traction units were designed primarily as pullers, however, the inherent capability of their hydrostatic system permits them to operate equally well as tensioners. Having the self-loading, powered reel carrier is an integral part of the unit, and is another feature that adds to the overall economy and flexibility of the unit. Reels of conductor may be loaded and empty reels unloaded without a crane on the location. Pulling line sizes may be quickly changed to fit the job or length can be added for longer pulls with minimum difficulty.

Being able to operate equally well as a puller or a tensioner means that this unit can pull out old conductor, wind it on a scrap reel, unload it, then pick up a reel of new conductor and tension it out with the tag line as a pulling line. For contractors or utility companies performing a wide variety of jobs, these units are unsurpassed anywhere. Whether it's stringing new conductor, reconductoring existing circuits, these combination units are at their best.

Conductor or pulling line is embedded snugly in the resilient rubber lined V groove of the bullwheel protected from twisting, scuffing or slippage. The fingertip control provided by a unique hydraulic system with preset maximum tension, adds a new dimension to tension string safety, while the unit's compactness simplifies access and operation in narrow alleys or congested streets.

Notice that the bullwheel pivots providing automatic alignment of the bullwheel with the point on the conductor reel from which the conductor is being payed off.

During the pulling operation, the operator controls bullwheel movement to levelwind the pulling cable on the storage reel. The V-groove permits easy handling of cable splicing sleeves and accommodates a wide variety of cable, rope or conductor diameters. Replaceable segments assure quick replacement of bullwheel lining should hard usage cause excessive wear.