• ITEM:  45072-25
  • Category: TENSIONERS


The Wagner-Smith Equipment Co. Model SK-2BWT-10-72H  is a skid mounted hydraulic braked bullwheel tensioner for use in stringing one or two conductors simultaneously.


  • Hydraulic pressure and relief valve system, allowing easy tension adjustments.
  • The safety brake, which is standard, is spring applied and hydraulic pressure released on both bullwheels for the operator’s safety.
  • All unit operating controls are located off the ground at the operator’s station for the operator’s safety.
  • Each bullwheel can be controlled independently by adjusting the hydraulic pressure control knob.
  • “Haul Back” pull-in driving mode can be controlled by adjusting hydraulic pressure control knob.
  • Reel stand braking from machine operator console via onboard air system.
  • Murphy PV780 Graphical terminal monitor which allows the user to visually monitor line tension, line speed and brake percentage pressure. Plus+1 monitoring system.